Isedio ARMOURJOINT-PRO ADJUSTABLE is a leave-in-place formwork, load transfer and edge protection joint system
suitable for heavy duty industrial concrete floors.

The joint system comprises two top strips, a divider plate, load transfer plate dowels and sleeves.

The joint is designed such that once cast in-situ, as the two slab panels either side of the joint begin to cure and shrink, the joint separates such that one slab panel has the sleeve and top strip and the other has the top strip, divider plate and dowel. The dowel bridges across the joint and is embedded in both slab panels.

Formwork for casting a concrete slab is achieved by the vertical divider plate which supports the top strip edge protection and load transfer plate dowels.

Slab arris protection is provided by way of colled rolled steel top strips each with a perforated steel wing that embeds in the concrete thus retaining the top strip in the concrete.