Isedio DYNAMIC EXTEND is a durable edge protection system designed for industrial concrete floors that require a connection between an existing slab and a new one.

Isedio DYNAMIC EXTEND comprises cold-drawn, mild steel edge strips and shear studs. The shear studs are factory drawn and arc-welded to one side of the steel strip, anchoring the strip into the top edge of the new concrete slab. Isedio DYNAMIC EXTEND is anchored to the existing slab utilising post-installed anchors supplied with the joint. DYNAMIC EXTEND comprises two back-to-back protector strips secured together with plastic frangible fasteners.

Isedio DYNAMIC EXTEND is compatible with Connolly FDB Flanged Dowel Boxes, ensuring efficient load transfer across the joint. For optimal results, it is recommended to consult with Leviat Design Engineers who can advise the best size and spacing for dowels.